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Business Strategy Consulting | Peer Advisory Group

Nicola Gelormino and Dave Lorenzo

Exit Success Lab is a business strategy consulting firm dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in increasing the value of their business so they have more options when they exit.

The firm uses a proprietary methodology to develop a strategic plan that increases the owner’s equity in the business.

Business Coaching Experts Nicola Gelormino and Dave Lorenzo

The Exit Success Lab team leads peer advisory groups for entrepreneurs (group business coaching) to assist them in executing their business plans and hold them accountable for implementing the guidance they receive.

The firm hosts a consortium of professional service providers who assist entrepreneurs in executing strategic initiatives that improve enterprise value.

These three activities are independent functions that often work in concert to assist mid-market companies.

Dave Lorenzo and Nicola Gelormino developed this unique business model in 2023.

Lorenzo, an author and business strategy consultant, and Gelormino, a business attorney and real estate entrepreneur, were partners in a business networking group and co-hosted a podcast. They identified the need for business owners to focus on the value of their businesses before the desired exit timeframe. They also recognized the value to entrepreneurs of working with an independent team that does not have a vested interest in just one exit option.



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