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You became a business owner because you wanted


Options to work when you want and how you want…

Options to decide who you select as your client/customer…

Wealth creation options for you and your family…

But Now You Feel:

> Trapped: You started your business with the best intentions and it worked. In fact, it worled a little too well. Now you have a success you can’t stand and you don’t know how to fix it. 

> Isolated: You’re the boss. Nobody at work understands your problems and they sure don’t want to hear about them. At home, all they know is that you are working CONSTANTLY and they never see you.

> Rushed: Each day you make hundreds of decisions. You’ve done well, winning way more than losing. Yet you wish you could slow down and plan your next five moves.

> Empty: When you started this journey you had a mission and a purpose. You dreamed big and thought you could take on the world. Today your goal is to get through the production schedule with your current staff while maintaining your profit margin. This is not what you thought it would be.

> Discouraged: Being “The Boss” was supposed to be cool. These days, you’re just trying to keep things together as you deal with growth challenges, client demands and building systems for your team. 

As an Entrepreneur, you knew you could take on the world but as you’ve grown in the role you realize that the WORLD IS UNDEFEATED…

…unless the Entrepreneur brings an army and a battle plan that has proven successful against all obstacles. 

This is why we created the Growth Acceleration Session:

Every three months, the team at Exit Success Lab invites their most successful business clients to share their secrets with a select group of entrepreneurs.

This is a session for business leaders lead by business leaders. 

We call it a GROWTH ACCELERATION SESSION because you’ll discover shortcuts and hacks that will shave years off the learning curve most entrepreneurs learn in the school of hard knocks. 

Here are some of the topics we cover:

Revenue Diversity: This concept is something that most business leaders never think about, yet it can make all the difference in increasing the value of your company. Our clients are constantly looking for new ways to build value with their customers. We show you the secrets.

Systems & Processes that Help you Get Home on Time Every Night: You cannot do it all by yourself. We share hacks, systems and shortcuts you can implement immediately to make your life easier. More importantly, these systems help your team become more productive. 

How to Hire the Best People: You’re only as good as your worst employee. If that scares you, this session will change everything. Our successful business-owner clients will share their secrets to succession planning and leadership development. 

Sales Strategy that Creates a Zero Resistance Environment: You probably know a lot about sales (most successful entrepreneurs do). What you don’t know is that you’re sales team is working too hard. They may make great money but the stress is taking its toll. We’ll show you how to help them close more deals, faster with no resistance. 

Relationships & Resources to Reinvigorate Your Love for Your Business : This GROWTH ACCELERATION SESSION is not just a one-day affair. It is designed to be the beginning of several productive relationships in a community of like-minded people who want you to increase your success while living the life you deserve.

Join us at our next GROWTH ACCELERATION SESSION and see what everyone is talking about.



Bonus 1: Private Strategy Session with Dave Lorenzo: If you enroll now, you will have access to Dave for a 45-minute private kick off session in advance of your attendance. This will set you up for maximum success.

VALUE: $1,500

Bonus 2: Unlimited Access to Dave Lorenzo & Niciola Gelormino for Questions for 30 Days after the Session Ends: In an unprecedented move, Dave & Nicola will allow you to call them for 30 days. You can ask questions and continue to discover shortcuts to growth.

VALUE: $5,500

Bonus 3: Alumni Access to Future Sessions: Once you attend this session, you’ll want more. As an GROWTH ACCELERATION SESSION ALUMNI, we will invite you to attend our advanced entrepreneurship program as a guest. You’ll see some of the business MASTERS in action. 


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This is an exclusive offer only available to the people we invite and our members. The minimum investment in a private coaching program with Dave Lorenzo is $20,700. 

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