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Nicola Gelormino

Nicola Gelormino Co-founder Exit Success LabNicola Gelormino is the co-founder of Exit Success Lab and a business strategy consultant. Her role includes overseeing the company’s operations, working with professionals to develop a sustainable business development plan to increase revenue, and participating in the talent acquisition process.

Nicola is an experienced legal advisor and educational speaker. She has presented to corporate in-house legal teams and business leaders on navigating areas of potential legal risk and helped them implement systems to address those risks, driving business value. Nicola also regularly presents to professionals on topics that benefit their businesses and advance their professional development.

Business Background and Career

Nicola Gelormino grew up in an entrepreneurial household and was the bookkeeper in the family business as a teenager. After college, she had a successful career in commercial real estate before attending law school. She remains a partner in a real estate investment business.

Nicola holds Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in finance and marketing and a Juris Doctor degree, both from the University of Miami with high honors.

Nicola Gelormino: Legal Advisor to Businesses

Nicola Gelormino’s unique experience and education combining business and the law positioned her to guide business leaders through important corporate decisions involving legal considerations. For the past 12 years, Nicola Gelormino has served as an advisor to mid-market to large companies. Her clients have included numerous Fortune 500 companies and multi-national organizations. As a business litigator, she has negotiated high-pressure deals and counseled business leaders on the proper use of leverage in corporate decisions. She continues to serve as counsel to select companies through her law firm, Gelormino Law, P.A.



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